On track for your destination

The railway links the freight village and the terminal directly with the hinterland. The extensive rail network can take your cargo to all major economic centres in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Numerous different rail freight operators guarantee optimum hinterland connections.

  • 16 storage tracks (suitable for block trains)
  • Signal box for train notification and for track and signals control
  • 6-track intermodal terminal with 3 gantry cranes

Time table

Destinations, Frequency, Operator

ROLAND Umschlag Frequenz Operator
Verona / Italien
täglich ROLAND Umschlag
Bönen und Duisburg
Neumarkt / Oberpfalz
3x ROLAND Umschlag
Dortmund 2x ROLAND Umschlag
Wolfurt / Österreich
1x ROLAND Umschlag
Roland Spedition Frequenz Operator
Wien Freudenau 1 x ROLAND Spedition
Graz Süd 1 x ROLAND Spedition
Enns-Hafen 1 x ROLAND Spedition
TFG AlbatrosExpress Frequenz Operator
Augsburg, Bamberg, Basel, Berlin (Großbeeren), Burghausen, Dortmund, Dresden (Riesa), Duisburg, Enns, Erfurt, Frankfurt a. M., Graz, Kornwestheim, Kreuztal, Leipzig, Mannheim, München, Nürnberg, Osnabrück, Passau, Regensburg, Salzburg, Stuttgart, Ulm, Verona, Wien, Wolfurt 2 - 6 x Transfracht
Weets Gruppe Frequenz Operator
Kassel 6 x Weets
Ingolstadt 5 x Weets
NECOSS Train Frequenz Operator
Bremen und Hamburg Terminals 1 x Necoss
Rail Cargo Group Frequenz Operator
Melnik 1 x Rail Cargo Group
Eurogate Intermodal Frequenz Operator
Augsburg, Bratislava, Brünn, Frankfurt a. M., Kornwestheim, Mannheim, München, Nürnberg, Prag, Regensburg, Singen, Ulm, Verona 1 - 4 x EGIM
Contargo Frequenz Operator
Duisburg 1 x Contargo

Subject to change. No liability assumed for completeness. 


Your rail freight operators

ROLAND Umschlag Bremen

Hendrik Klar

Tel. +49 (421) 549 9271

E-mail: transporte@roland-umschlag.de

André Hartmann

Tel. +49 (421) 549 9272

E-mail: transporte@roland-umschlag.de


TFG Transfracht

Tel. +49 (6131) 156 3095

E-mail: kontakt@transfracht.com


WBT Weets Bahn Transport GmbH

Paul Mlozniak

Tel. +49 (4921) 95 850

E-mail: paul.mlozniak@weets-bahn.de



Robert Temporale

Tel. +49 (421) 365 145 21

E-mail: robert.temporale@necoss.de


Hefei International Land Port (HILP)

c/o Ingo Meidinger

Tel. +49 (4421) 40 980 22

E-mail: i.meidinger@jadeweserport.de


Route network

Businesses wishing to use the service facilities have to complete and sign an Infrastructure Usage Agreement and send it in duplicate, together with the required certification pursuant to Clause 2, JWP-NBS-AT (see below), to:

Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven
JadeWeserPort-Marketing GmbH & Co. KG
Pazifik 1
26388 Wilhelmshaven


Approach railway control center
Nordmeer 10
Tel.: +49 (0) 4421 40980-210
E-mail: bahnbetrieb@jadeweserport.de

The railway control center is manned all year round and permanently!

Activation of zedas railhub

Customers can agree on times for use of the track facilities via the computerised “zedas railhub” system. For free activation of the “railhub” module, please contact:

Tim Hanel
Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven
JadeWeserPort-Marketing GmbH & Co. KG
Pazifik 1
26388 Wilhelmshaven
Tel.: +49 4421 40980 556

You can reach the port railway system (Hasy) JadeWeserPort Zedas Rail Hub via the following link:

If you have any questions, please contact the scheduler for this service facility:

Tel.: +49 (0) 4421 40980-210
E-mail: disponent@jadeweserport.de