Clear the tracks for efficient transports

If you would like to save road tolls and vehicles costs while minimising impact on the environment, the multimodal transport terminal offers extremely cost-effective transport solutions. 

Higher loads for trucks, exemption from road tax and traffic bans are just some of the convincing advantages of combining road and rail transport.

With its direct link to the seaward handling facilities of Germany’s only deep-water port, the multimodal terminal is the ideal logistics hub for container, semitrailer and swapbody traffic. The close proximity to the freight village with its 160 hectares of industrial and logistics areas and wide range of services make the complex one of the most efficient transport hubs for your logistics in Northern Europe.

Combine road and rail to your advantage:

  • Loads of up to 44 tons per truck – without a special permit
  • Exempted from truck bans
  • Pre-defined operational times
  • High level of security for rail transports
  • Lower burden on the environment and road infrastructure
  • Reduced toll and vehicle costs


From Wilhelmshaven to...

The most important business regions in Germany can be reached quickly by rail from Wilhelmshaven:

Bremen 100 km
Hamburg 210 km
Hanover 220 km
Duisburg 313 km
Rostock 400 km
Leipzig 471 km
Stuttgart 680 km
Nuremberg 680 km
Munich 850 km


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