Free Capacity at Wilhelmshaven


Deliveries still possible at any time

Full terminals in the western ports as well as in other German seaports and the associated restrictions affecting the delivery of containers have created understandable annoyance among both customers shipping goods as well as service providers. Thanks to its free capacities, Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven can offer practical solutions which not only help customers maintain intact supply chains but also, as it is often the last loading port on the continent, allow more time for deliveries than at other ports coupled with usually representing the shortest transit time of goods to their final destination. Moving volumes to Wilhelmshaven gives the shipping and logistics industry the means of re-establishing the reliability and punctuality of supply chains and actually strengthening the system. Planned ship departures times can be met and cost-intensive relocations by truck avoided. The freight village offers options to handle any necessary interim storage of containers until further transport by ship or to the inland recipient at favourable rates and conditions.

The liner services offered by the shipping consortia Ocean Alliance and 2M mean the destinations Ningbo, Busan, Xingang, Dalian, Shanghai, Singapore, Yantian, Xiamen, Hong Kong and Kwangyang in Asia can be reached directly via Wilhelmshaven. In addition, Sealand’s SLB service provides regular connections to the ports of Mersin, Limassol, Haifa, Ashdod, Alexandria and Port Said East as well as transhipment to Iskenderun and Beirut in the eastern Mediterranean.

„We very much hope that customers will discover and make use of these advantages and thus help relieve the congestion of transport operations, something that is undoubtedly welcomed by all involved,“ says Andreas Bullwinkel, CEO of the Freight Village Wilhelmshaven marketing company . “Rescheduling to the destination CT Wilhelmshaven is possible without great effort, since a lot of train traffic is routed via the Maschen hub anyway and could therefore be regrouped at short notice. While truck transports are flexible enough anyway to be revised at short notice,“ added Mr Bullwinkel.


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