DS card+drive GmbH is a member of tankpool24, a European network of modern card-operated filling stations. tankpool24 is the brand name for a pool of medium-sized fuel companies which offer commercial customers fuel supplies and services throughout Europe. tankpool24 customers meanwhile have access to inexpensive diesel and AdBlue for their vehicles at more than 1000 filling stations, more than 500 of which are located in Germany.

As a member of this filling station network, card+drive has more than 80 filling stations of its own throughout Germany. As a subsidiary of the Diersch & Schröder Group, which was founded in Bremen back in 1920, DS card+drive can look back on a long history in the energy supply sector.

In addition to refuelling with a digital driver’s card and a two-card system to ensure maximum security, card+drive also offers its customers a full range of services such as a customer portal with personal invoice archive, fleet evaluation statistics etc.

For further information visit www.carddrive.de.

Our tankpool24 filling station at JadeWeserPort
Atlantik 1, 26388 Wilhelmshaven,
directly at the entrance to Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven and JadeWeserPort freight village
Accepted cards: tankpool24, Gerd Kruse customer card, DKV, UTA, EC