Second certification for environmental management


Wilhelmshaven, 16 January 2018 – The new year has started with good news for JadeWeserPort: the environmental management at Germany’s only deepwater container terminal at Wilhelmshaven was PERS certified for a second time after 2015. The Port Environmental Review System is an instrument specially developed for the detailed analysis and monitoring of environmental management in ports. The certification is issued by the international EcoPorts organisation, headquartered in Brussels, based on the special requirements for the environmental management of JadeWeserPort. These requirements include organisational and legal aspects. The main points are the measures implemented to protect the environment and to reduce the environmental impact of port-related activities. The application for renewal of PERS certification is based on the latest annual environmental report published by JadeWeserPort-Realisierungsgesellschaft (JWPR). A special focus considered by the experts is Energy Monitoring.

In order to analyse the energy flows at the port and identify optimisation potentials, a new data base was developed – in cooperation with Niedersachsen Ports – to meet the specific needs of a port infrastructure enterprise. Each individual load of each energy source was entered in detail, including buildings, mobile units, heating systems, vehicles and port infrastructure equipment. The software enables regular monitoring of energy consumption, comparisons with standard values and the taking of immediate counter measures in the case of large deviations.

Holger Banik, Managing Director of JadeWeserPort Realisierungs GmbH & Co. KG and Nports, comments: „We are very pleased about receiving the new PERS certification and the associated international recognition for our action plan to achieve sustainable organisation of the port. Continuing with and the further development of the environmental management system is the target of our activities in the years ahead.“

Please read the current environmental report here