TX Logistik connects JadeWeserPort with southern Germany


New rail freight services successfully launched in Wilhelmshaven

Troisdorf – TX Logistik AG has successfully launched its new hinterland connections between Wilhelmshaven and southern Germany. Since mid-January, the rail logistics company, which is part of Mercitalia Logistics, has been running one round trip per week between the JadeWeserPort and the rail terminals in Nuremberg and Kornwestheim.

Both routes are operated as direct connections and offered via the boxXpress production platform. The destination in Nuremberg is the Tricon container terminal and in Kornwestheim the Duss Kombiterminal, which acts as a hub for the Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg area.

With the new connections, TX Logistik not only offers its customers additional capacity for container transport by rail. The integration of the JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven into the network is at the same time an important step for TX to benefit from the forecast further volume growth at the JadeWeserPort. As Germany’s only deep-water port, Wilhelmshaven is increasingly the destination of ever larger container vessels and is already served by eight shipping companies on a scheduled basis.

Based on this development, TX is planning to add more connections between Wilhelmshaven and terminals in the hinterland by rail in the first half of this year.

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