Park at the pontoon

If you would like to bunker fresh water or fuel or need a supply port for your vessels, our Service Port on the northern embankment offers eight short-stay and long-stay berths.

Tugboats, pilot boats and mooring tugs for assisting mega-container vessels can all be berthed here.

The benefits of the Service Port:

  • Ease of nautical access
  • Short journey to service area, thus saving time and costs
  • Draught 10 m below sea level
  • Pontoons as mooring jetties
  • Access width 60 m
  • Turning circle 50 m (with max. load) protected from wind and waves by construction height of 6.5 m above sea level and quay extension
  • Onshore power connections if necessary
  • Fresh water and fuel bunkering facilities
  • Crew transfer vessels (CTV)

Your contact at the Project Pier and the Service Port:

Tel.: +49 (0) 44 21 – 40 980 999
Fax: +49 (0) 44 21 – 40 980 998