Bugsier-Reederei is a traditional feature of the landscape at many German seaports. The company’s tugboats and cranes form part of the classic panorama at the ports, especially in Hamburg and Bremerhaven, helping to create the unique maritime flair of these cities. The company has the largest fleet of towing vessels sailing under the German flag. Over the last 140 years, these tugs have handled numerous jobs at ports along the entire German coastline. It also provides salvage services and floating cranes. Its fleet of high-power tugs have worked for the European oil and gas industry for decades as well as for the offshore wind energy market. Handling projects all over the world has earned the shipping company an excellent international reputation.

To ensure that we can offer our customers the highest possible standards, we have certification in accordance with the strict criteria of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Achilles.

Ever since it was founded, Bugsier has opted for innovative equipment, but has never lost track of conventional maritime technology, whether our salvage vessels “Ausdauer” and “Energie”, which were involved in clearing the Suez Canal, or the legendary deep-sea tugs “Arctic” and “Oceanic”. However, the company has never been prepared to rest on its laurels, but designed and commissioned the world’s most modern emergency tugboat, which went into service on 1 January 2011. The “Nordic” has been chartered by the German government until 2021 and is responsible for safety in the German Bight.