BERTRAM GmbH is a recognized specialist company for fumigation and Pest Control and has been working successfully in these fields for over five decades. Via our nationwide network of branches our trained technicians serve customers from all industries such as the public service, food production, the logistics services, etc.

With immediate effect we operate exclusively on the JadeWeserPort the BIMSCH Platz (EUROGATE terrain). Here we fumigate containers with storage protection goods, foodstuffs, wood (ISPM No.15), etc., which are being attacked by pests and therefore may not be exported or processed. The fumigation takes place in Germany with approved means and without residues of the fumigant in the products.
We have provided this service successfully for decades in other Northgerman ports for our customers – now in Wilhelmshaven, too.

Do you import containers with goods that have been fumigated abroad? These have to be tested before being opened and forwarded, without exception, for residual gas concentration in the container. This ensures that the opening of the doors and the unloading of the goods by your employees or during a customs examination can be carried out without the attendant health hazards to personnel.